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that's and see why millions have chosen fios over cable. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. you ar[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> are watching wbal-tv 11. >> good afternoon. i am barry simms. congress turns its sights to libya today as lawmakers try to figure out what happened during the attacks in benghazi. as hallie jackson reports, general david petraeus is not out of the spotlight. >> former cia director general david petraeus will answer questions about benghazi, just not today. later this morning congress will move forward with its investigation. >> i don't think there's any
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debate in this country that when you have for americans killed, that is a problem. >> congress will look at not just what happened with the deadly attack in libya on september 11, but what happened after and how the administration responded. >> i believe the american people deserve a comprehensive, no- holds-barred investigation. >> at the heart of the increase its un ambassador susan rice, who made the rounds on tv after the assault to blame protests on an inflammatory anti-muslim video. the white house says it was based on intelligence she had at the time. >> this president and is this administration has either been guilty of colossal incompetence or engaged in a cover-up. >> if president obama decides to appoint ambassador rice as the next secretary state -- >> if she did no better, it she .
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> -- should not be the voice of america. >> the president seemed angry at the attacks. >> if senator mccain and senator graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> in washington, i am hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 is. >> and an anne arundel county man is charged with sexually abusing several children in the edgewater area did this week, 56-year-old john villers-farrow was arrested for allegedly abusing children born to thousand -- to 2008 from 2000 -- from 2000 to 2008. anyone with more information or anyone who may have been a victim is also asked to call the anne arundel county child abuse unit -- 410-222-3484. baltimore county police are ready to determine if a body part discovered on wednesday is
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human good sky team 11 was over the scene where we are told that a man was on the property at its pocket way. he found what looked like at hand. so far, officials have not been able to confirm if the discovery was a human hand. just before 5:00 this morning, officers pulled the body of a woman from the inner harbor. the original call came in as a person in the water on the pier side of the 2300 block of boston street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. it is unclear how the victim ended up in the water. a baltimore city mother is the only survivor of a violent home invasion that led to the death of her two sons. police say that a group of men broke into the home at west lafayette avenue on tuesday night and shot three family members multiple times. the brothers died at shock trauma. their 48-year-old mother was
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shot in the face and hand and is in serious condition. the president of the neighborhood association says that the family was new to the neighborhood. >> i don't think there's anything we could have done to prevent it, but we want to be aware of what is going on in our community and have relations with our neighbors. >> police do not believe this is a random incident. they are looking for 3 or four suspects. an update to a story we told you about yesterday on 11 news at 7:00. police in anne arundel county are looking for the suspect behind the shooting inside a laurel wal-mart. detectives say that amassed gunman walked into the store broadband 4: 15 wednesday morning and approached this employee and demanded money. the suspect and forced the employee into the parking lot, where the suspect shot the victim in the chest. investigators found a vehicle believed to be the suspect's engulfed in flames. the victim is expected to recover.
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the arrest of a 19-year-old parksville man helps police solve other crimes. jordan snyder was arrested for the first time on halloween morning, and when police say that he knocked and 88-year-old woman to the ground october 1. now he is connected to unsolved sexual assaults dating back to last number. in this cases, the victims were getting into their cars when they were fondled from behind. police are trying to figure out if the snyder is connected to any other crimes. >> there is the time gap between the two sexual assaults that we've charged him for already that indicates that perhaps there may have been others in the interim. >> snyder is being held without bail out the baltimore county detention center. if you think he may have been a victim, call baltimore county police -- if you think you may have been a victim, call baltimore county police t.
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policarpio perez and adan canela are accused of killing their three young relatives, ages 8, 9, 10. the murders happened in 2004. the first trial for the month ended in hung jury. the pair was convicted and sentenced to life in a second trial, but that ruling is overturned due to a mistake by the judge. a morgan state and proceed professor is indicted on seven fraud charges could 45-year-old manoj kumar jha allegedly made false claims on applications for research grants from the national science foundation. he received $200,000 from grant funds by claiming that his employees would work on a highway project. prosecutors said that the claims were false and jha use the money to pay for personal expenses. >> temperatures are in the same neighborhood, cooler than usual for this time of year.
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clouds are coming from a weather distance south of us. it looks like the rain will stay south of us and the disturbance will stay far enough away. the only effect will be the cloud cover. there are combining to keep temperatures on the cool side. there are other storms on the forecast that we will be watching carefully. we will talk about the forecast for the week ahead. >> bp is expected to pay a heavy fine for its involvement in the devastating oil spill on the gulf coast. president obama is expected to tour san
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>> to 0.5 years after the devastating deepwater horizon oil spill, while a giant bp is -- oil --bp will admit to criminal misconduct and have defined in exchange for a waiver of future prosecution. bp has not confirmed any plea deal. president obama will visit storm ravaged communities in new york today to witness firsthand the devastation caused by superstorm
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sandy. he will likely visit the hardest-hit areas like staten island and the rockaways. some residents are still without power two weeks after the storm. president obama will also thank first responders for their efforts. still to come, the maker of wonder bread and twinkies may be forced to close its doors. >> we have some clouds that block the sun and a little bit. what
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>> there is a chance you could pay a new tax when you go to
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thithe store to pay for food for your bets. state lawmakers met in to discuss agistratio surcharge on registration fees. it would be the third such tax on a bag of food for cats or dogs. the maker of wonder bread and twinkies says it will close its doors permanently of the striking workers don't return to work today. officials for hostess said that they will ask a judge for permission to liquidate the entire company, is enough of its striking employees return to work by the end of the day. hostess filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy the second time in three years. if the motion is granted, hostess would stop operations as
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soon as next tuesday. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> we have an east-to-northeast air up north anderro from the water as well. you can see on our temperature thing here, map, how relatively mild it is on the eastern shore. you get out into western maryland and temperatures are in the 30's. they have a little bit more sunshine filling in here. we are in a cool air mass at this stage of the game. the east and northeast winds are enhancing that a little bit. here you can see the thin clouds in western maryland. this not a total forecast, total blockage of the sun. they are all down to the south.
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is the east winds that are keeping us kind of cool. there is a weather disturbance out of the south traveling to the northeast. it looks like it will head off shore and keep going. it is a minor disturbance. our clouds are more or less related to this disturbance in the south. out west there is better weather. some of that will sneak in as we head towards the weekend. down the road there will be more disturbances and they will be coming out of the southwest and along the coast. we have to watch these storms that get out over the atlantic to see if they keep going or if they come up to the coast. various models are producing different solutions as to what will happen. you can see the lay of the land temperature-wise. mildest readings have been pushed wealth of the south. -- well to the south. are down into colorado and even
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mexico. very cold air has settled in. that won't be changing for a while. temperatures will stay at or below the average for the season. normal high this time of year is 57 degrees or so. adding we will be really lucky -- think we will be really lucky to make it to 52. mostly cloudy skies to kind of a thin deck. mix of sunshine here and there. northwest winds at 10 miles an hour . as far as boaters are concerned on the day, the winds northeast, at five to 10 knots. our futurecast shows the moisture essentially staying south. some of it may get closer to meet have this cloud deck for a while. as we go into friday, we have the clouds pulling away. greater share of sunshine in the
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area. we continue to see disturbances offshore. and the time we get into sunday, more clouds to the south. pretty good sailing right through the weekend, with generally dry conditions. thes in the 50's, lows in 30's. rain chance is on monday, tuesday, and instead. -- monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> led zeppelin will be heard on the monday night episode of "revolution" to celebrate their upcoming concert film " celebration de." to talk about it we are joined by "revolution" star giancarlo espositio. >> i am doing great.
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how are you today? >> how you prepare for the role of an insurance adjuster turned religious leader? >> like any kind of will. i had the idea, as the great write who created the show and tell me, what is the guy was an insurance adjuster? well, if he was an insurance adjuster, he would know when people are lying could he could be the heavy and enforce the law. and i had another thought -- one week ago into flashbacks, what if he was not at the top of the heap at his company, what he was stepped on and is respected? then he would have a reason to strengthen himself. >> anger tehre. >> anger there, indeed. does this look like an angry guy to you? >> are you a led zeppelin fan? >> i am. i think the music is a perfect
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fit. the show is "revolution," and zeppelin has done is revolutionary. rock and roll with r-&_b, and it is great for our show. >> executive producer is ecstatic about this. >> he is a huge led zeppelin fa n, and he is over them and that he was allowed to use the music, and at this time. the episode is leading us to a huge retail and cliffhanger -- reveal and cliffhanger, and there is no more. music than l -- no more appropriate music for the show. >> giancarlo esposito, thank you for joining us. up next, your maryland lottery
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numbers and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. first, a look at wall street.
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>> joining us is dr. kim hammond, and we have a friend with us.
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>> little pomeranian, cutest thing in the world trade like a little cartoon dog. hery, barry, i want to mention something about the action in annapolis regarding pet food. my personal opinion, we don't need to add to the cost of pet food, and there are ways to spay and neuter pets inexpensive flly. >> are you going to talk to lawmakers? >> i will talk to lawmakers. there is plenty of money already for lawmakers. no more taxes. we have some recurrence of the urinary tract infection.
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maybe it is, maybe at his animal in heat. you have to diagnose the c ause. that is something that i can answer -- >> you know this? very good. >> some of these are taken away from a mother too early. licking itself is not a bad thing, but you want to negatively in force licking and positively reinforce other things. have some to troy's. -- have some chew toys.
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you can break it, it just requires consistency. >> if you have a pet questions humid like answered, ascended to coming up tonight on 11 news at 5:00, with the last half hour we've learned of yet another water main break, this one in howard county. sky team 11 is headed to the scene and we will have an update in our evening report. we're working to learn more about the animal cunning man accused of repeated cases of sexual -- anne arundel county man accused of repeated cases of sexual assault. and another energy drink, another cause for concern. alpa bushels cla -- officials on a five-hour energy and what it means for you. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon. i am from the maryland lottery,
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and your pick 3 numbers are -- pick four.t, take f and your pick four numbers are -- the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> all right, we're going to get one more look at the weather. >> temperatures in the 50's for
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highs. something going on over the atlantic ocean beginning next week. the site it will be not a big problem. >> thanks for
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